Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake: And Other "Recipes" for the Intellectually Famished

Sample: Ian Fleming’s Lemon Caper Dip



• Performative cool.

• Dominant masculinity.


Duck! There are two beautiful girls, one with a scissors and one with a kitchen grater!

Jump! The one with the scissors is hiding behind a dill bush and snipping a few twigs!

Run! The other one is lurking under a lemon tree, shredding rind!

Fuck! … the one with the scissors and dill! Then …

Kill! … the one with the grater and lemon! (As per tradition, one of the two women must go.) Pocketing only the lemon zest, drive to the grocery store for plain, low-fat yogurt and …

Hide! … among the produce!

Ready! Steal some carrots, and chop them into short sticks!

Aim! Rinse and drain your capers! Sweet-talk the girl with the dill into hurling it into a pretty bowl! Add the yogurt, dill and capers!

Stir! You’ll both like it on the carrots!

Smoke! Why not? You’re in the mood!

Ranking James Bond capers for quality is a fool’s game, but this is the best dip ever. Violent scenes throughout. Some sexuality, language, and cigarettes.

* * * *

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